Lucia - Vibrating Cock Ring with 3 Motors

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Perineum/Glass/Clit Stimulation The vibrating cock ring helps your penis to get longer and longer erection, stop blood flow back and delay ejaculation. vibrating cock ring help promote G-spot orgasms, while penis rings are used for male erections. These vibrators for couples help to enhance orgasm during intercourse while simultaneously enhancing pleasure. This is a that benefits both parties during sex.
Multiple Vibration Modes to Inspire Pleasure This vibrating cock ring stimulates the strongest stimulation and enhances your pleasure, 10 vibration modes bring you an unprecedented orgasm. Male penis ring, perineum and glans vibrator, female clitoral vibrator to help you orgasm easier. Continuous stimulation with powerful motors and powerful remote-controlled vibration modes will maximize your sexual pleasure, whether male or female.

Vibrating Cock Ring - Give Couples a Stimulating Experience

A vibrating cock ring can give couples a more stimulating experience. It works by providing your partner with a lot of vibration, which can be particularly enjoyable for your vulva partner. It also allows you to get very close to your partner's clitoris.
Vibrating cock rings are made of silicone and can be positioned on the clitoris, penis, balls, and perineum of both partners. Some of them can offer up to seven different vibrations, making it possible to give your partner the most intense stimulation. The vibrating ring is waterproof and silicone-coated, so it won't cause any harm to your partner's skin.
Unlike regular , vibrating cock rings rock your penis, resulting in a longer, harder, and more sensitive erection. In addition, these cock rings give you and your partner an unforgettable experience and are a great gift idea for long-distance partners.
This device is an excellent choice for couples who are having problems with erectile dysfunction. It can help a man get a harder erection faster by adding pressure to the base of the penis and slowing down the blood flow away from it. It is also safe to use and can be used in conjunction with ED treatments and other methods

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