Savannah - 24.2LB Realistic Sex Doll

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Compact Pleasure: A New Standard in Sex Doll Realism

Introducing an innovative approach to personal pleasure, this portable male masturbator combines advanced design with a realistic touch, setting a new standard in the world of intimate toys.

  • Portable Design and Realistic Fee

This entry-level portable male masturbator, weighing 5.5 lbs, is crafted from the mold of a mature woman's butt, featuring a voluptuous and sensual labia. Its scaled-down size through specialized technology enhances portability, ease of use, and storage, meeting high-quality standards.

  • Realistic Full Skin Texture Design

The masturbator boasts a firm, round bubble butt and sexy waistline, distinguished by its full skin texture that includes goosebumps and wrinkles on the surface, offering an incredibly realistic look and feel. Compact and easy to clean, it surpasses traditional masturbation cups in realism and detail, making it an ideal choice for beginners.

  • Popular Unique Channel Design

This pocket pussy features two irresistible 5-inch channels. The soft vaginal wall is embedded with 5 elastic large beads, delivering a sequential massaging sensation with every movement. The anal channel, narrower than the vagina, simulates a real anal passage with numerous protrusions and a winding internal texture, significantly enhancing sexual endurance.

  • Sexy Private Parts and High-Quality TPE Material

Made from highly elastic and soft TPE material, this male stroker is safe, skin-friendly, and smooth to the touch. The pink, plump labia are lifelike, perfectly replicating the appearance of mature women, carefully sculpted and colored by professional designers. It offers enticing and ultra-realistic sensations during masturbation.

  • Quality Privacy Packaging and After-Sales Service

Compared to other packaging, our expandable polystyrene ensures longer storage without deformation for 1-2 years and provides excellent shock resistance and decompression, greatly reducing damage during transportation. The simple, solid-colored carton exterior effectively protects your privacy. For any suggestions or questions about the product, feel free to contact us.

In conclusion, this male masturbator represents a leap forward in the intimate toy industry, providing users with an unmatched level of realism, quality, and satisfaction, all while ensuring privacy and durability.

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