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XR4 : BJ Machine

"This is an awesome waterproof device to enrich your gameplay. gain unparalleled satisfaction also a remarkable addition to your intimate life."


Our versatile vibrator delivers ultimate pleasure with targeted clitoral stimulation and distinct flapping and suction modes. Experience rhythmic flapping, gentle suction, or a combination, tailored for your climax. Reach new heights of satisfaction!

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Highly Recommend!!

My man say this is a great product, he was use it today and like with this item, especially for the price. Also, the seller is super responsive and answers questions, I recomend it!

He Loves It!

Hubby enjoyed it! Definitely brought some extra spice into the bedroom. Easy to use, long battery life, easy to clean.

Awesome Male Stroker!

A great toy with a lot of different functions. I have never used something like this before and it was fantastic, especially the air bag inside! It disassembles very easily to clean and can go back together quick also. Most importantly, It can dry the sleeve by itself, you know it saves a lot of trouble.Will definitely be a favorite of mine for the foreseeable future!



Welcome to, your premier global destination for expertly crafted adult toys. We offer a vast selection of male, female, couples, and LGBTQ+ toys, including vibrators, masturbators, and more. Our products guarantee ultimate satisfaction and privacy, backed by professional quality and innovation. Enjoy fast, discreet shipping worldwide. Elevate your pleasure with!

How to use sex toys?

OPENPRON understands the stress and troubles of people's lives and knows what they need. When you're feeling troubled and stressed, stop by OPENPRON, which offers a wide range of sex toys designed to relieve your physical and mental fatigue, making your worries and stress vanish.


Masturbators are versatile and easy to use. First, lubricate both the male sex toy and your penis (use a water-based lube to avoid damaging silicone toys). Slowly insert your penis and use the toy to stroke it. If your masturbation cup includes additional features such as vibration or heating, simply press the designated button and adjust the settings accordingly. Most sex toys come with intuitive usage instructions.

Finger Vibrator:

Strap these vibrating toys to your fingers, potentially with some lubricant if they feel too harsh directly on sensitive areas like the clitoris. Track the vibrator over your partner's nipples, buttocks, inner thighs, and back before moving to more sensitive zones. Adjust the position on your finger for better control and stimulation.

Thrusting Dildo:

These toys can provide intense pleasure with minimal effort. Use the vibrator function if available, and find your preferred rhythm. This can be a hands-free experience if the toy offers such features.

Rabbit Vibrator:

Adjust the vibration to your preferred intensity and pace, gradually increasing as you find the perfect rhythm. These vibrators can be used hands-free if they offer a pushing feature.

Strap-On Dildo:

Wear the strap-on and penetrate your partner. For more control, especially in doggy style, use a belt around your partner's hips. This allows for better thrusting and maneuverability.

Vibrating Panties:

These panties often need to be within a certain distance of a remote or smartphone to operate. Some have detachable bullet vibrators, while others have built-in vibrators with cords connected to a remote. Depending on the design, your partner can control the vibrations from a distance.

Double Dildos:

Use these between two partners, with one inserting the smaller end. Normal sex positions work well, but extra lubricant might be necessary. For solo use, bend the ends to penetrate two places simultaneously.

Cock Cage:

Insert your penis into the tubes and secure a ring around your penis and testicles. Identify a key holder (you or a partner) to lock it. These are best for short-term use to avoid discomfort or damage. Apply lubricant under the ring to prevent chafing.

Hands-Free Vibrator:

Insert the toy face up, avoiding leg clenching to keep it in place. Build the precise setup you crave or let your partner control it remotely. Lie back and enjoy the sensations.

Penis Rings:

Apply lubricant to the inside of the ring and slide it onto a non-erect penis. The ring will tighten as you become erect. For added stimulation, place rings around the testicles first and then the penis.

Nipple Clips:

Adjustable clips allow for intensity control with a screw. Clover nipple clips are non-adjustable and suited for advanced users. Magnetic nipple clips can offer a non-invasive piercing effect.

This guide should help you get the most out of your sex toys, ensuring a pleasurable and stress-relieving experience.

Do you have to be 18 to buy sex toys?

Do you have to be 18 to buy sex toys? OPENPRON knows that many teens are very curious about sex and think that sex is a very happy thing. While best sex toys are also gaining public acceptance, whether or not you are 18 years old to buy sex toys also depends on the country you live in, and a jury has yet to determine the age limit for children and young adults to buy sex toys. In most areas, however, it's not illegal for teens to buy sex toys - you don't have to be legal in adulthood or even your local age of consent to buy these items. But that can be difficult because most sex shops don't allow teens to enter.Most sex toy stores don't sell their products to anyone under the age of 18. The problem isn't that they sell you the product, it's the payment method. If your parents set up a credit card or bank account for you early enough, you can get a free pass to owning a sex toy.Remember that using someone's card without permission amounts to fraud and could put you in trouble with the law. Essentially, most sex shops (especially online) won't ban you from having sex toys. However, if you purchase an entertainment toy under the age of consent, the law will do what it says.If the desire to buy one for yourself outweighs the reasons above, your best bet is to talk to your parent or guardian about buying one for you. If this seems awkward, please take a moment to approach the subject.For the brave, try going into a real-world sex toy store and try your luck. If it's your lucky day, choose the best toys and try them out.Another way to acquire sex toys is to acquire cryptocurrencies that help circumvent the usual payment process. You can also try visiting an online linear supply store and paying with the help of a friend. No one will know you have one unless you tell them.

Can Christians Use Sex Toys?

If you're wondering where to buy sex toys near me, look no further than Eve's Garden. This New York City sex store stocks a variety of erotic items that women love to use. It also hosts events and workshops for women to learn about sexuality and their bodies. A little secret of the city is that Eve's Garden is owned by a woman and is the first of its kind.

This Manhattan erotic shop offers all sorts of sex toys and intimate clothing for women. You can buy books, board games, scented candles, and even vagina doorknobs to enhance your sexual life. You can even sign up for workshops or participate in sex-ed classes and receive a discount when you buy sex toys online. There are even gender-neutral sex toys available for purchase online.

Compliance and customer privacy for OPENPRON

Quality Assurance:

Our commitment to delivering a safe and satisfying experience to our customers begins with the careful selection of sex toys. We collaborate with reputable sex who adhere to industry standards and regulations. Our toys undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure they meet or exceed the specified safety and performance criteria.

Material Composition:

We understand the importance of using body-safe materials in intimate products. Our sex toys are crafted from high-quality, non-toxic materials that are thoroughly tested for safety. We prioritize transparency in product descriptions, providing customers with detailed information about the materials used, ensuring they can make informed decisions.

Certification Standards:

In alignment with current industry practices, our sex toys comply with relevant certification standards. We prioritize products that have been tested and approved by reputable organizations, demonstrating our commitment to providing customers best male masturbators with reliable and trustworthy.

Guarantee of Customer's Privacy and Data Security:

Anonymous Shopping Experience:

Respecting the privacy of our customers is paramount. Our website is designed to offer a discreet and anonymous shopping experience. We do not store any personally identifiable information without explicit consent, ensuring that our customers can explore and purchase products with confidence.

Secure Transactions:

We employ the latest encryption technologies to safeguard all financial transactions on our platform. Whether a customer is making a purchase or browsing our site, their data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access, providing peace of mind throughout the shopping journey.

Strict Data Protection Policies:

Our commitment to data security extends beyond transactions. We have implemented stringent data protection policies to govern the collection, storage, and usage of customer information. These policies adhere to global privacy standards, ensuring that customer data is handled responsibly and ethically.

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